The Three Doctors


(Series 10, Episodes 1-4)

Summary: Oh my giddy aunt, there are three of them!  The Time Lords are under attack and due to budget cuts and a personnel crisis, the only man they have available is the Doctor – all three incarnations.  Two and Three bicker constantly and are transported to the planet of the jelly beans, Jo comes up with her first Plan and One sorts them all out.  Whilst Benton is so very chill about TARDIS travel, the Brigadier, conversely, reaches unprecedented apoplexy levels.

Watch it because: “So you’re my replacements, are you?  A dandy and a clown.”  Who cares about the story, it’s just so good to have them back.

Original Air Date: 30 December 1972 – 20 January 1973.

Doctor: Jon Pertwee, Patrick Troughton and William Hartnell.

Companions: Jo Grant (Katy Manning).

Writer: Bob Baker & Dave Martin.

Director: Lennie Mayne.

Producer: Barry Letts.

Sums it up perfectly. (and yes, I will post screencaps of this one as soon as I get up to that series. :))

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