The Green Death


(Series 10, Episodes 19-24)

Summary: Alongside some fabulous green screen filming, Welsh stereotypes and whimsical computer BOSS, we meet Professor Cliff Jones (good at fungi – bad at proposals) and some pretty icky giant maggots.  The Doctor tries – and ultimately fails – to be a massive cock block, but has to say goodbye to Jo anyway.  Whilst it’s good to have Benton and Yates back, the real mystery is what exactly is up with the Brigadier’s hair.

Watch it because: There are no words to describe the scene below.

Original Air Date: 19 May – 23 June 1973.

Doctor: Jon Pertwee.

Companions: Jo Grant (Katy Manning).

Writer: Robert Sloman.

Director: Michael E. Briant.

Producer: Barry Letts.

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