Death to the Daleks


(Series 11, Episodes 11-14)

Summary: The Doctor channels my grandfather in telling Sarah to “put some more clothes on” until a power failure and a space plague leads to an unlikely (unholy?) alliance between the Doctor, the Daleks and some future humans.  But those Daleks really are duplicitous bastards.  (They may have a new outfit Doctor, but that’s no reason to trust them).  The Doctor makes a crusty new friend who accompanies him on an Indiana Jones-style quest to the centre of the Exxilon city and Sarah pulls off a sneaky switcheroo with some bags of sand to save the day.

Watch it because: Bellal – the companion who never was.

Original Air Date: 23 February – 16 March 1974.

Doctor: Jon Pertwee.

Companions: Sarah Jane Smith (Elisabeth Sladen).

Writer: Terry Nation.

Director: Michael E. Briant.

Producer: Barry Letts.

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