Planet of the Spiders


(Series 11, Episodes 21-26)

Summary: Yates atones for his sins in a Buddhist monastery with dissatisfied middle-aged men and some yellow-face Buddhist monks.  The Doctor receives a letter from Jo Grant and the blue crystal from Metebelis Three finally gets a call-back.  The villains of the piece are talking spiders and the Doctor has a touching reunion with his old hermit pal (he of the flowers on the mountain fame).  Unfortunately, returning the crystal burns the Doctor out…

Watch it because: “A tear, Sarah Jane?  No, don’t cry.  Where there’s life, there’s…”

Original Air Date: 4 May – 8 June 1974.

Doctor: Jon Pertwee.

Companions: Sarah Jane Smith (Elisabeth Sladen).

Writer: Robert Sloman.

Director: Barry Letts.

Producer: Barry Letts.

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