Revenge of the Cybermen


(Series 12, Episodes 17-20)

Summary: Curiously, the Cybermen can be found here displaying the distinctly human need for revenge, in a story of Vogan infighting and the lust for gold.  The TARDIS crew discover that travel by time ring is not so reliable and deadly diseases can be cured by a transmat.  Essentially, everybody wants gold for one reason or another (just whose side is Kellman on?), but the Doctor manages to escape the buckle of doom and spoil the Cyber fun.

Watch it because: Harry the Buffoon.

Original Air Date: 19 April – 10 May 1975.

Doctor: Tom Baker.

Companions: Sarah Jane Smith (Elisabeth Sladen) and Harry Sullivan (Ian Marter).

Writer: Gerry Davis.

Director: Michael E. Briant.

Producer: Philip Hinchcliffe.

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