Terror of the Zygons


(Series 13, Episodes 1-4)

Summary: The Doctor & Co take a trip to the strangely flat Scottish Highlands, where there’s something a wee bit fishy in Loch Ness (which has alarmingly shrunk to the size of a small pond).  The imperialistic, sucker-suited Zygons want to take over the Earth, although they probably should have picked another planet as they need to melt the ice caps to make it habitable.  Lessons to take away from this episode: never leave a journalist investigating alone in the room with the secret door to your spaceship.  Also, you’ll never look at a nurse the same way again…

Watch it because: Goodbye Harry.  Fun while you lasted.

Original Air Date: 30 August – 20 September 1975.

Doctor: Tom Baker.

Companions: Sarah Jane Smith (Elisabeth Sladen) and Harry Sullivan (Ian Marter).

Writer: Gerry Davis.

Director: Michael E. Briant.

Producer: Philip Hinchcliffe.

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