Planet of Evil


(Series 13, Episodes 5-8)

Summary: At the edge of the universe, Doctor Who plays fast and loose with theoretical physics, as the Doctor and Sarah are menaced by a pencil scribble.  An investigative team in low-cut spacesuits with a penchant for orderly interrogations, arrive to rescue obsessive scientist Sorensen, only to find that anti-matter causes excess hair growth.  Commander Salamar must be terribly fit, what with all the conclusions he keeps jumping to, and the model work is excellent.

Watch it because: Reassuringly reasonable Vishinksy.

Original Air Date: 27 September – 18 October 1975.

Doctor: Tom Baker.

Companions: Sarah Jane Smith (Elisabeth Sladen).

Writer: Louis Marks.

Director: David Maloney.

Producer: Philip Hinchcliffe.

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