When we attended conventions togeher in America later on, we carried the banter from this story, and also from the later story The Five Doctors, out on the convention stages, and used to put on massive arguments, to the delight of the attendees. There was one occasion when I had been passed a small loaded water pistol by one of the fans, and, during a panel discussion, I squirted Pat in the ear when he called me an overdressed dandy.

Never one to let a challenge lie, Pat turned up later in the day with an even bigger water pistol and attacked me while I was speaking on stage. The following day, one of the fans had come up to me with a suggestion – and the requisite equipment -and when Pat was doing his bit on stage, I appeared at the back of the hall, wearing a water-filled backpack and carrying the most enormous water cannon I had ever seen. I let rip with the water but Pat anticipated me, and pulled out an enormous multicoloured golf umblerra. He had the last laugh on me that time.

-From Jon Pertwee’s second bio, “I am the Doctor”.

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