The Invisible Enemy


(Series 15, Episodes 5-8)

Summary: Not wanting to nit-pick, but the enemy is pretty visible, tbh – it’s a giant asthmatic prawn on wheels.  Teeny tiny Doctor and Leela clones play a game of cat and mouse inside the Doctor’s brain and people start shooting lightning bolts from their crazy silver eyebrows.  The Doctor tries to come up with a clever solution but it all goes wrong so he just blows everything up (as Leela suggested in the first place).

Watch it because: “K9 is my best friend!”

Original Air Date: 3 – 24 September 1977.

Doctor: Tom Baker.

Companions: Leela (Louise Jameson) & K9 Mk I (John Leeson).

Writer: Bob Baker and Dave Martin.

Director: Derrick Goodwin.

Producer: Graham Williams.

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