The Chase info text- episode one- the Beatles

Fun Fact –  The American version of the Chase skips this bit entirely, going straight from the Queen Elizabeth scene to the TARDIS landing on the desert planet. Thanks @unwillingadventurer for taking these screencaps!

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Why does the American version skip this bit?! Why did they neglect Americans of getting this wholesome Beatles clip on Doctor Who content?! And Ian’s dorky dad dancing!!!

As an American who is both a huge Beatles and Doctor Who fan I can’t explain how much it saddens and angers me that this bit isn’t included in the American release. You have no idea how disappointed (and confused) I was when I first watched this story expecting to see this bit in it as I had seen numerous gifs of it on here and it not being there. At first I thought maybe there was another scene later on in the story where they use the Time and Space Visualiser again, but then they changed their clothes and became preoccupied with the dalek chase and I realized it wasn’t happening in the version I was watching. 😥

^^ What she said! What good reason could they possibly have for skipping this bit on the American version?? And to think the last time I saw this set on Amazon, either it was only available in Region 2 format or the Region 1 format DVD set was ridiculously expensive. I’m glad I found out about this, though… I’d hate to miss out on this Beatles clip and Ian’s cute dorky dad dancing (which I originally saw when watching this serial on Dailymotion). Thanks guys for the heads up on this! I don’t have room for a multi-region player so maybe I’ll just stick to online versions of this episode w/this scene intact.

It must be something to do with Beatles licensing. The funny thing is when it was broadcast in the 80s on American PBS, that scene was in there. I remember seeing it! I must have it recorded on an aging VHS tape somewhere.

Yeah, Beatles licensing issues is the only possible reason for cutting it out that I can think of. Specifically licensing with the particular clip that’s used in the episode. Regardless of the reason it’s a real shame that it had to be cut out in the American version- DVD version that is as you said that bit was in there when shown on American TV in the 80s.

Yeah, now that you mention it, it does sound like that’s most likely the reason. I’ve got several DVD sets from other shows that have had musical interludes cut out and replaced with something else (or even theme songs edited out and replaced with totally different, instrumental music) due to such issues, so, yeah, it probably is the Beatles licensing issues. I agree, it is a shame…I’m really, really thankful for those who have put the original, intact version up on Dailymotion.

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