I found this in my art folder, I’d totally forgotten about it.

I started drawing Two as a penguin one time. Think it was inspired by @penny-anna saying that he reminds her of one.  Probably never going to get ‘round to finishing it but I’m going to upload it anyway because penguin!Two is adorable.

#omg he looks so happy#two: *gets turned into a penguin*#no no this is fine#stop making that noise jamie#be a good lad and lift me up so I can work the controls with my flippers#everything’s fine#I like being a penguin#penguins are nice

aww the image of Jamie reluctantly lifting Two up to the controls so he can land the Tardis with his little flippers is so cute.

they step outside and continue on their usual adventures. Two can’t waddle very fast so Jamie has to hang back to keep at his pace. also it’s raining maybe so he’s stuck holding the Doctor’s umbrella over them both.

imagine though if they end up in their typical base-under-siege situation. Two does his thing of working alongside the people there and facing off with the bad guy. nobody else seems to think penguin!Doctor is out of the ordinary.


Imagine Jamie carrying penguin!Two on his back or front wrapped in a scarf like a baby :3

omg. And imagine Two being fussy at first because he’s embarrassed and squawking as Jamie attempts to put him in the scarf.

‘Jamie stop this at once I am not an infant I do not need to be carried around I can walk perfectly fine by myself.’

‘Nae, y’really cannae, Doctor. Your wee legs aren’t getting you anywhere. Yer just gonna have tae stay with me for a while.’

Two continues to grumble, but can’t deny that being inside a scarf feels rather cosy. Plus, he’s snuggling close to Jamie the whole time. Imagine him eventually falls asleep and Jamie starts to walk slower so as not to wake him.

also like I’ve only just realised how strange it is that the Doctor can still speak    imagine if a penguin opened its beak and it had the voice of Patrick Troughton how frightening would that be actually probably not very 

Imagine Two making a penguin noise for the first time. He probably makes it after getting really startled or flustered. After he makes that squeak-honk noise, he’s so delighted that he can’t stop making it.

Meanwhile, Jamie has his hands over his ears, begging for the Doctor to stop.

Hee, I can just picture this all happening 🙂

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