Flynn Ranks the Cybermen One-Off Designs!


Because someone mentioned “Cyberwoman” in the reblogs and I couldn’t not make a ranking

1. Cyber Planner

wait that’s not even a costume what the fuck is that doing here get that out of here

2. Cyberleader (Revenge)

You see, the Cybermix 3000 fulfills all of your culinary needs: It slices, it dices, and it’ll puree a banana squash in 10 seconds flat. Let me do a quick demonstration for you…

3. Stealth Cybermen

Man I wish all the 80s Cybermen were like this, that way I wouldn’t have to look at them! *rimshot*

4. Cyber King

the fuck

5. Cyberleader (New Series)

ew ew ew exposed brain ew ew ew do not like

6. Cybercontroller (Tomb)

7. Cyberwoman

the fuck

8. Cybercontroller (Attack)

haaaaaaaaaah hahahaha baaaaah haahahahahahah


baaaaaaaaaaaaaaah haaaaaah hahahaha haaaaaaaaaa

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