Mini alphabet fics

The last of my mini alohabet fanfics. This one is for @junkyardbluebox who wanted Jamie and Tears

Jamie Y

Jamie cried. It came as shock to him when the salt water droplets started rolling, because he’s never cried before. Perhaps, long ago, as a child hiding against his mother’s bosom, but not now. Not when he is a grown man.

But now, Jamie can’t stop crying. Zoe is crying, too, on the other side of the glass window that separate them. Beside her, The Doctor sprawled out on the floor. There’s blood by his head and all Jamie wants to do is run over there and check they are okay.

But there is a wall of glass between them, and even as he bang at it as hard as he can, Zoe’s tears tells him want he doesn’t want to know.

Ahhh thank you so much! This is so sad (poor Doctor :’(), but so beautiful. Wonderful job! 🙂

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