Doctor Who: In The Void


Summery: The 4th Doctor is floating in some kind of void that’s hurting him. Or maybe he’s just hurting and also just so happens to be in a void.
Prompt(s): I just wanted to write 4th Doctor angst. ;0
Word Count: 172
Character(s): The Doctor(4th)
Ship(s): N/A
Category(s): Angst
Tag(s): Random Angst
Alternate Universe(s): Probably.
Other Info: Enjoy this really short story.

In the void there is nothing. No sound. No color. No one to pull you out.

In the void there is The Doctor. Kicking and screaming like a child having a tantrum. He continues to fall with grace, body thrashing violently in the nothingness of the void.

In the void; there is insanity.

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