I was watching The Tomb of the Cybermen with the first DVD commentary soundtrack featuring Frazer Hines and Deborah Watling from 2001…

These two were such fun to listen to. They were absolutely adorable. Highlights include:

Praising Patrick Troughton for being so lovely to work with, especially his spark of energy (and little trivia tidbit: Frazer pointed out that Patrick had a dead tooth in the middle of his bottom row of teeth…he’s got a blackened tooth in the center. I hadn’t noticed that before but after he’d pointed it out I went back and there it was).

The two of them mentioning how the opening shot where Victoria is first introduced to the TARDIS was shot at Ealing Studios while they were still doing Evil of the Daleks, since they both had on the same clothes they’d had in that story.

Frazer pointing out that he didn’t have the Beatles hairstyle yet, he still had the side parting. Deborah said “Oh, you DID have a Beatles style…” Frazer replied yes, that it’d just crept up on him and the style made him look like Paul McCartney and George Harrison.

Fast forwarding to the scene where they first land on Telos and happen upon that group with Klieg and Kaftan. Frazer: “Oh there’s the Beatles fringe, I’ve got a completely different hairstyle.” They had been discussing Deborah’s much shorter dress and he said he thought there was a scene where they first had her changing into it. Regarding that and Jamie’s different hairstyle he says it’s as if they’re missing a scene where she goes to change and he has a bath.

He also mentioned that Jamie didn’t have a sporran then. He surmised the Doctor hadn’t paid him enough back then and so he got the sporran later. Deborah asked him what he kept in the sporran. In real life Frazer says he kept his dressing room key in it as it was the only “pocket” he had.

(These were all in the first episode. During episode 4 there was a cute bit where there was a closeup of The Doctor and Jamie where Deborah suddenly says “Your hair’s different again.” Frazer says “Yes it is, I think it’s got a bit long you see”)

Also I think it was in episode 3 where The Doctor and Victoria have that sweet scene where he asks her if she’s happy with them. Both Deborah and Frazer commented on how nice that scene was. Deborah said she was sick with the flu when they filmed this, that they had to pick her up in a car and wrap her in a blanket.

All throughout Deborah would say “oh this is where such-and-such happens” and Frazer would tease her about giving it away for those who haven’t seen it yet. She would retort “Oh everyone’s seen it!”

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