Classic Doctor Who DVD Shortage


Does anybody else have a lingering suspicion that Classic Doctor Who DVDs in America are becoming harder to find as away to “entice” people to sign up for BritBox? I mean I used to walk into a Barnes & Noble and there would be dozens of Classic Who titles in the DVD section and now there’s scarcely any left! 

That’s a good question. I haven’t shopped in Barnes & Noble in ages (there are hardly any nearby anymore) but I used to find a good selection of them at Best Buy…not recently, though. I mostly purchase mine from Amazon and have no trouble finding them there, but the thing that always bugs me is how expensive some of them are in Region 1, due to having gone out-of-print. I’d get the Region 2 ones but I don’t have a multi-region player and it’s not really feasible for me to purchase one at the moment.

Interestingly I recently saw The Wheel In Space (Zoe’s first serial) up on Amazon as a “coming soon” title and read somewhere that they were going to offer the BritBox reconstruction version on DVD.

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