I really do find the fact that Classic Who DVDS going OOP in America, annoying especially since the UK DVDS are still in print. I think the BBC should take a page out of Warners Bros’ book, and have their own archive collection of Made On Demand DVDs.



Same here. I’ve been trying to get The Two Doctors on DVD for some time and the cheapest I can find it is close to $200! The Made on Demand DVDs idea would be a great one for them to consider.

@junkyardbluebox wow! You’d think considering the Sixth Doctor’s reputation you’d think it be cheaper. Also I never in my wildest dreams that the “The Three Doctors” DVD would be out of print.

Agreed! It almost made me wonder if they’d stopped manufacturing them due to that fact alone. That story itself is a guilty pleasure for me, though, mainly due to the Second Doctor and Jamie being in it. I was surprised to hear about “The Three Doctors” being out of print. I’m glad I got it when I did. A while back I came upon an online store that had a huge list of the DVDs, most of them that had been out of print for a while. I was so disappointed to find out about 99% of them were already sold out. 😦

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