Aww, bless Jamie for his unshaken loyalty 🙂 Also would that final smile of the Doctor’s be a “I’ve-got-you-now-mwahahahaha” smile or a “Don’t-worry-I-know-what-I’m-doing-trust-me-winkwink” smile? I’m guessing the first one…

(Production Notes subtitles for Episode 8 of The War Games)

The War Games Episode 9 Screencaps, Part 13

Doctor: Look, I am not going to argue. Jamie, Zoe, Carstairs, into the
Jamie: Ah but Doctor, look, he’s not joking, you know.
Doctor: For once, Jamie, do as you are told!

I love Jamie’s expression when the Doctor shouts at him like that at the end… Poor boy just can’t figure out why he’s acting so crazy