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When you and the squad are absolutely pissed and are trying to find the meaning of life through a chair

Ian: Ugghhh…. been hours now and I still… can’t get it….

Doctor: Now, just a minute, dear boy, I believe I have found it hiding in this tiny little crevice just over ….. there.


Caption This!

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  • Another bl**dy repeat. 20,000 channels and a billion years of TV and nothing worth watching!

    Ha, I can just see the Doctor saying this!


    Ian: “I think it’s supposed to be a…horse.”
    Barbara: “It represents the struggle between the desire for safety and the desire for freedom.”
    Doctor: “Modern ‘art.’ Hmph!”

    The Doctor knows rubbish when he sees it 😉


    Caption This!

  • natalunasans
  • it’s a telephone!     


    and also a shoe!

    Now we know where Get Smart got that idea from 😉


    “And now I’m off to steal your one shoe, so please don’t freeze to death.”

    Susan thinking: “Oh, not again…”

    Barbara off screen: “Don’t look at me, Susan. He snatched my purse three hours ago and can’t remember where he left it.”