Fic Rec: Academy of the Cybermen

Author: Rose of Pollux

Rating: Teen

Categories: Drama, Mystery, Fluff, Hurt/Comfort

This multi-chapter story takes place before The War Games and involves The Doctor, Jamie and Zoe in 1969 London joining up with some old friends to stop another Cybermen invasion. Some cute moments involving The Doctor posing as a Physics instructor as well as the newly-enrolled Zoe and Jamie meeting their schoolmates (not to mention the Doctor’s old friends coming face-to-face with his new identity). I enjoyed the author’s writing style and thought she got the characters down very well. I know this story was posted a couple years back but please give it a read if you haven’t already. 🙂


The Time Monster


(Series 9, Episodes 21-26)

Summary: The Master rides in on his hovercraft and now he’s craving control over time itself, with the help of the Ancient Greeks.  He engages in a disturbing seduction of the Queen of Atlantis, whilst Jo shows some cleavage and Hippias shows a lot of thigh.  The Doctor gets all existential and merciful in his attempt to stop the Master but suffers an odd bout of Atlantis-related amnesia.  The Brigadier displays a touching concern for Yates, Dr Ingram’s trying to be a feminist but she hasn’t read the manual and Sergeant Benton becomes the butt of everyone’s joke.  Quite literally.

Watch it because:  Science!  With clipboards and labcoats and wires and tea cups!  Must have been fun making the props for this one…

Original Air Date: 20 May – 24 June 1972.

Doctor: Jon Pertwee.

Companions: Jo Grant (Katy Manning).

Writer: Robert Sloman.

Director: Paul Bernard.

Producer: Barry Letts.