The heights of every classic Doctor and companion that I could locate (Some are missing, sorry), in Imperial measurements


1st Doctor: 5′8″

Barbara: 5′7″-5′9″

Ian: 6′0″

Susan: 5′1″

Vicki: 5′2″

Steven: 5′11″-6′1″

Sara Kingdom: 5′6″

Polly: 5′6″

2nd Doctor: 5′8″

Jamie: 5′6″-5′8″

Victoria: 4′11″

Zoe: 5′0″

3rd Doctor: 6′2″

Liz: 5′5″

The Brig: 6′1″

Yates: 6′0″

Benton: 6′2″

Jo: 5′1″

Sarah Jane: 5′4″

4th Doctor: 6′3″

Harry: 6′0″-6′2″

Leela: 5′6″

K9: 2′3″ (I’m sorry but I had to 😀 Took this measurement from a life-size cutout of K9 on Amazon!)

Romana I: 5′5″

Romana II: 5′5″

Adric: 5′5″

Tegan: 5′2″

5th Doctor: 6′1″

Nyssa: 5′0″-5′1″

Turlough: 5′9″

Peri: 5′3″

6th Doctor: 6′0″

Mel: 5′1″

7th Doctor: 5′6″

Ace: 5′3″

So what did we learn today? Apparently both Romanas are the same height (I thought Romana I would be taller by a long shot), and Ace and Peri are the same height (I somehow imagined Peri to be significantly taller…) Also, Victoria is far far far smaller than I had ever envisioned.

I kind of envisioned Peri being a bit taller too… I know you don’t have Ben but I think he was around 5′9″ or so? He appeared to be slightly taller than Jamie.

Thanks for putting this all together!