We know The Doctor really sucks at answering calls but man I can just imagine him sitting there with so many notification bubbles and phone ringing, not even pressing ‘ignore’ just straight up not caring

Also, fun observation in spoilers;

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Does anyone know the source of this comic? I’ve had these pics saved for ages and can’t remember what the original comic story was… Thanks to anyone who can ID this!

  • 4thdoctorjellybabies
  • I love Adric.

    Me too 🙂   


    I did a quick Google search and it seems like this is “Planet of the Dead” ( ) Hope this helps!

    Ahh yes that’s it, I remember now! Thanks! 🙂

    A couple of pages from the “Bazaar Adventures” story from the Prisoners of Time graphic novel…

    … Because I love Jamie’s indignation and there’s just something so cute and wholesome about the three of them going to a shopping mall and getting food from a place called Meat & Bread Handhelds at a food court. XD

    (apologies for the crummy pics my camera took)