I was watching The Tomb of the Cybermen with the first DVD commentary soundtrack featuring Frazer Hines and Deborah Watling from 2001…

These two were such fun to listen to. They were absolutely adorable. Highlights include:

Praising Patrick Troughton for being so lovely to work with, especially his spark of energy (and little trivia tidbit: Frazer pointed out that Patrick had a dead tooth in the middle of his bottom row of teeth…he’s got a blackened tooth in the center. I hadn’t noticed that before but after he’d pointed it out I went back and there it was).

The two of them mentioning how the opening shot where Victoria is first introduced to the TARDIS was shot at Ealing Studios while they were still doing Evil of the Daleks, since they both had on the same clothes they’d had in that story.

Frazer pointing out that he didn’t have the Beatles hairstyle yet, he still had the side parting. Deborah said “Oh, you DID have a Beatles style…” Frazer replied yes, that it’d just crept up on him and the style made him look like Paul McCartney and George Harrison.

Fast forwarding to the scene where they first land on Telos and happen upon that group with Klieg and Kaftan. Frazer: “Oh there’s the Beatles fringe, I’ve got a completely different hairstyle.” They had been discussing Deborah’s much shorter dress and he said he thought there was a scene where they first had her changing into it. Regarding that and Jamie’s different hairstyle he says it’s as if they’re missing a scene where she goes to change and he has a bath.

He also mentioned that Jamie didn’t have a sporran then. He surmised the Doctor hadn’t paid him enough back then and so he got the sporran later. Deborah asked him what he kept in the sporran. In real life Frazer says he kept his dressing room key in it as it was the only “pocket” he had.

(These were all in the first episode. During episode 4 there was a cute bit where there was a closeup of The Doctor and Jamie where Deborah suddenly says “Your hair’s different again.” Frazer says “Yes it is, I think it’s got a bit long you see”)

Also I think it was in episode 3 where The Doctor and Victoria have that sweet scene where he asks her if she’s happy with them. Both Deborah and Frazer commented on how nice that scene was. Deborah said she was sick with the flu when they filmed this, that they had to pick her up in a car and wrap her in a blanket.

All throughout Deborah would say “oh this is where such-and-such happens” and Frazer would tease her about giving it away for those who haven’t seen it yet. She would retort “Oh everyone’s seen it!”

I was recently watching The Moonbase and listening to the DVD commentary with Anneke Wills and Frazer Hines.

There was a point where The Macra Terror was brought up and they were
asked if there’s anything noteworthy we’re missing out on with that
story being missing.

Frazer said there was a point where he was wearing a pair of orange shorts as Jamie while Polly was sewing him a new kilt so he wouldn’t have to bother with the whole tartan-over-the-shoulder ensemble.

I’m not sure whether he was just joking or if there’s some truth to this (as in it could have been a cut scene?). He’d mentioned it before in an interview with Dr Who Magazine back in 1984 during the filming of The Two Doctors.

The Enemy of the World Special Edition DVD

This article is a few months old now so I assume most people probably know about this.

From all I‘ve read it appears to only have a Region 2 release. No word whatsoever on any other regions so I guess they’ve got no plans for them. 😦

I suppose I shouldn’t complain. I’ve got the first DVD release of this one so that’s something. But it’s got no extras at all and I’m really curious about all the extras on this new release, plus it sounds as if they’re done a great job restoring the picture. *sigh* If anyone wants to start a petition for Region 1 and Region 4 etc release, I’ll happily sign on.

(and no it’s not really feasible for me to get a multi-region DVD player at this time)







The Chase info text- episode one- the Beatles

Fun Fact –  The American version of the Chase skips this bit entirely, going straight from the Queen Elizabeth scene to the TARDIS landing on the desert planet. Thanks @unwillingadventurer for taking these screencaps!

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Why does the American version skip this bit?! Why did they neglect Americans of getting this wholesome Beatles clip on Doctor Who content?! And Ian’s dorky dad dancing!!!

As an American who is both a huge Beatles and Doctor Who fan I can’t explain how much it saddens and angers me that this bit isn’t included in the American release. You have no idea how disappointed (and confused) I was when I first watched this story expecting to see this bit in it as I had seen numerous gifs of it on here and it not being there. At first I thought maybe there was another scene later on in the story where they use the Time and Space Visualiser again, but then they changed their clothes and became preoccupied with the dalek chase and I realized it wasn’t happening in the version I was watching. 😥

^^ What she said! What good reason could they possibly have for skipping this bit on the American version?? And to think the last time I saw this set on Amazon, either it was only available in Region 2 format or the Region 1 format DVD set was ridiculously expensive. I’m glad I found out about this, though… I’d hate to miss out on this Beatles clip and Ian’s cute dorky dad dancing (which I originally saw when watching this serial on Dailymotion). Thanks guys for the heads up on this! I don’t have room for a multi-region player so maybe I’ll just stick to online versions of this episode w/this scene intact.

It must be something to do with Beatles licensing. The funny thing is when it was broadcast in the 80s on American PBS, that scene was in there. I remember seeing it! I must have it recorded on an aging VHS tape somewhere.

Yeah, Beatles licensing issues is the only possible reason for cutting it out that I can think of. Specifically licensing with the particular clip that’s used in the episode. Regardless of the reason it’s a real shame that it had to be cut out in the American version- DVD version that is as you said that bit was in there when shown on American TV in the 80s.

Yeah, now that you mention it, it does sound like that’s most likely the reason. I’ve got several DVD sets from other shows that have had musical interludes cut out and replaced with something else (or even theme songs edited out and replaced with totally different, instrumental music) due to such issues, so, yeah, it probably is the Beatles licensing issues. I agree, it is a shame…I’m really, really thankful for those who have put the original, intact version up on Dailymotion.


So, after @junkyardbluebox told me about the secret extra video on the Seeds of Death dvd, I of course had to do a video of me trying out this special feature (I was sceptical if it’d be the same on a region 2 dvd). Let’s see if it worked, shall we?

PS: Does anyone know any more tricks like this??? Send me an ask/message! ❤

I’m so glad it worked! If I find any more easter eggs on other dvds I will let you know and post about them! I love watching them all laugh at that scene where Zoe starts laughing at Two. 😀

Random cute stuff from The Seeds of Death commentary



– In the beginning of episode 1: Frazer commenting on how he, Wendy and Patrick have the same haircut.

– Wendy, Frazer and director Michael Ferguson cracking up in the scene in episode 6 where Zoe lets the Doctor inside and she starts laughing (there’s also an Easter Egg on the DVD set with video footage of the three of them watching the scene for the commentary… As soon as Zoe laughs in the scene you can watch them all start cracking up)

– Frazer commenting on how tan Patrick looks after he’d returned from his holiday during episode 4.

– The three of them reminiscing on what a lovely man Patrick was.

– The three of them cracking up in the scene (especially Frazer) where Jamie jumped up in front of the Ice Warrior to get his attention in episode 6.

– Wendy talking about that outfit Zoe was wearing through most of the serial, how it was specially made for her (and she’d paid to keep it) and that sadly she got some silver paint on it in one of the scenes where she was crawling through the ducts (?). She also complained about that filmy, plastic looking outfit she had on in episode 1 (that she also wore in The Krotons).

– Frazer talking about the black Jacobite sweater Jamie wears in the serial. He said it was made specially for him as well and that he’d taken it with him. When he’d recently (at the time the commentary was recorded) moved house he found it again. Michael Ferguson asked if he’d tried to wear it again.

– Some random talk about Jamie’s kilt. I think Michael asked Frazer about it and he replied it wasn’t the actual McCrimmon tartan, which was kind of a boring color. He then went on to say his own tartan – the Fraser tartan – is also a sort of very boring red color (I decided to look this up and sadly he is right… lol).

Seeds of death is the best dvd woth the best commentary! And what’s this easter egg with the video footage for that scene?! How do you find that @junkyardbluebox ???? I’ve watched this dvd (both dvds) so many times and I never found this tell me the secret!

@gemvictorfromtheponyverse  I have the “Special Edition” dvd set, region 1 version (I think it’s the same on region 2 as well?) and on the second dvd, highlight “Lords of the Red Planet” and press the left control on your dvd remote. This hidden “Doctor Who” logo will appear to the side in green. Hit “enter” and you’ll see the clip. It’s only about 1 minute long but it’s so worth it. 🙂


I’ve previously written about how much more affordable it is to buy classic Doctor Who DVDs from the UK than it is from the US. And it is, it’s immensely more affordable than buying the US releases of the classic series.

Which leads me to my next question: Would there be any interest in a collected spreadsheet pointing to the optimal link to buy each serial on DVD? Keep in mind, some stories are in box sets, and enterprising individuals are making some money on Amazon by listing box set stories separately at an inflated price. Not to mention the fact that some serials have Special Edition re-releases, meaning it can be quite confusing to figure out which version of, say, the TV Movie or The Green Death one should buy.

Please Like, Comment or Reblog if you have interest. If there’s enough, I’ll assemble a list.