The Steel Menace – Chapter 1 – KrozJr – Doctor Who [Archive of Our Own]

This is the first story in a new series called The Isobel Saga (”trailer” for the new series is here). It’s an interesting concept, involving Isobel going off with the Doctor, Jamie and Zoe in the TARDIS after The Invasion. There’s only one part at the moment, but I’m really liking it so far. Definitely check it out!

The Steel Menace – Chapter 1 – KrozJr – Doctor Who [Archive of Our Own]

Classic Who Fic Prompt


Two, Jamie and Zoe land on a planet…the area where they land is going to be hit by a storm much like a hurricane. They have to take shelter with the local residents. Zoe is freaking out since she’s never been in a situation like this (being on the Wheel like she has). Jamie (and/or Two) try to comfort her. Hurt/comfort, fluff, humor… I love it all.

Please, someone write this. Or if it’s already been done, please point me in the direction of such a fic. 🙂


am on it like a car bonnet my friend

Ahh thank you so much! Excited to see what you come up with 🙂




The Wheel in Space Episode 3 Screencaps, Part 6

(I just love Jamie’s expressions in the first few pics, lol XD)

I dubbbed these scenes for you:

“And that…” The Doctor sigh, starrinng downwards as to ignore Jamie’s stare.

“Say it Doctor!” Jamie warned, glaring even more.

“And that, Zoe, is why me and Jamie are not partners in the sences that we are in a commited relationship. Only in the sense that he travels woth me in my ship.” The Doctor finally explained, trying not to smile at Zoe’s confused expression

“I told you so, Doctor. I dunno why everyone seem to think you and I are toghther like husbands and wifes.” Jamie added, immensely glad The Doctor had finally sorted out all the confusion with Zoe. He really did not understand how she’d come to confuse them for being a properly married couple.

“But Jamie! You and The Doctor act exactly as though you are partners!” Zoe complained, confused and a bit upset at The Doctor’s explanations. He and Jamie were so dreadfully cute toghether, it hurt her not to be able to ship them.

Insteadd of answering, Jamie simply gave Zoe an annoyed sideway glance. Why did the halfling have to be so persistant about their ‘relationship’, as she called it? He and The Doctor were not like that. Two men simply couldn’t be like that.

Sensing Jamie’s disapproval, Zoe turned to The Doctor instead. “It’s too bad really. You apperead such a whollesome couple.” She said, repeating the essence of what she had told Jamie directly to The Doctor.

The Doctor only gave her a knowing look, sighing once more. “I know, my dear, I know…”

“Aye, but it is not so!” Jamie commented, keen to get the last word in the ongoing discussion.


The Cyberman felt a shudder run through his non existant spine, telling him something was wrong. His metal comrad followed his lead as he looked ahead, feeling that the wrongful thing was happening close by. “SOMEONE DENIED THE GLORY OF THE GAY DOCTOR AND HIS GAY COMPANION! THEY WILL BE EXSTERMINATED!” He rorared, upset by this horrible suffering to shippers anywhere.

“Brinng forthe the monster!” His cyberman comrad added.

And from the shadow’s, a mighty monster stepped forth, roaring as it picked up the foul smell of denied shipping oppertunities.

*Meanwhile, with The Doctor, Jamie and Zoe*

As they stood and fester in the silance, no one fiding anything to say to Jamie’s last remark, the walls suddenly started to shudder.

“Doctor what is happening?” Zoe asked, trying not to apppear scared.

“Aye, Doctor, what’s happening?” Jamie agreed, worried glancing up at the ceiling.

“You have upset the fangirls, Jamie! By denying our relationship you have brpught upon us their wrath!” The Doctor answered, sounding alarmed as he heard the shipping cybermen approaching…

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Ahhh thank you for bringing this back! I’ve been sick today and in a down mood….seeing this again has put a big smile on my face! (*tsk* Jamie look what you’ve done! lol ;))

Of Castles And Hairy Beasties – Chapter 4 – jessm78 – Doctor Who (1963) [Archive of Our Own]

… something about it seemed dreadfully

Drawing closer to it, Jamie suddenly
realized why this was so and his mouth dropped open in shock.

“It can’t be,” he whispered.

What did Jamie see? Read to find out! (Okay, so it gets answered in the next chapter, but there’s a big clue at the end of this one)

Of Castles And Hairy Beasties – Chapter 4 – jessm78 – Doctor Who (1963) [Archive of Our Own]