The heights of every classic Doctor and companion that I could locate (Some are missing, sorry), in Imperial measurements


1st Doctor: 5′8″

Barbara: 5′7″-5′9″

Ian: 6′0″

Susan: 5′1″

Vicki: 5′2″

Steven: 5′11″-6′1″

Sara Kingdom: 5′6″

Polly: 5′6″

2nd Doctor: 5′8″

Jamie: 5′6″-5′8″

Victoria: 4′11″

Zoe: 5′0″

3rd Doctor: 6′2″

Liz: 5′5″

The Brig: 6′1″

Yates: 6′0″

Benton: 6′2″

Jo: 5′1″

Sarah Jane: 5′4″

4th Doctor: 6′3″

Harry: 6′0″-6′2″

Leela: 5′6″

K9: 2′3″ (I’m sorry but I had to 😀 Took this measurement from a life-size cutout of K9 on Amazon!)

Romana I: 5′5″

Romana II: 5′5″

Adric: 5′5″

Tegan: 5′2″

5th Doctor: 6′1″

Nyssa: 5′0″-5′1″

Turlough: 5′9″

Peri: 5′3″

6th Doctor: 6′0″

Mel: 5′1″

7th Doctor: 5′6″

Ace: 5′3″

So what did we learn today? Apparently both Romanas are the same height (I thought Romana I would be taller by a long shot), and Ace and Peri are the same height (I somehow imagined Peri to be significantly taller…) Also, Victoria is far far far smaller than I had ever envisioned.

I kind of envisioned Peri being a bit taller too… I know you don’t have Ben but I think he was around 5′9″ or so? He appeared to be slightly taller than Jamie.

Thanks for putting this all together!


Key of Time Audio commentary, aka Mary Tamm & Tom Baker shipping themselves

What you will see here, is extracts from the audio commentary to The Key to Timme with Tom Baker and Mary Tamm. It is ALL quoted directly from what they are saying.

(From somewhere half-way through the Ribos Operation)

Mary: Didn’t you propose to me at one point?

Tom: Did I?

Mary: He proposes to them all

(The Beginning of the Androids of Tara, zoom in on Romana)

Tom: You are very beautiful.

Mary: Thank you darling

Tom: I wanted to marry you. Still do, quarter of a century later. *laughs*

Mary: *laugh delightedly*

(At the end of part 1 of the same serial, Android Romana/Strella comes walking in to the courtroom)

Tom *gasp* : Oh Darling you are beautiful

Mary: Oh thank you darling

*squelchy sound of someone givinng someone a kiss*

Mary: Oh mmm *delighted noise*

Tom & Mary, forever our never to be OTP

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Aww! Loved those two 🙂



My beautiful girl

You’re the beatifulest thing I know

The person closest to my heart

I want your smile to brighten up my day

Every morning, every night

I want you to hold me tight

And I’ll tell you, that I’ll never leave you

Because when you laugh

The sun shines brighter

But when he holds you

I see the future

And I know, one day you’ll go

But even if you do, you are still my beaitiful girl

The beautifulest thing that I know

You have all the love in my heart

And oh you’re so incredibly smart

My clever little girl

So bright and brilliant

How badly do I wish for you to stay

But know, even if you got to go

I’ll always love you, my beautiful girl

[Observ that this is my own writing and not song lyrics]

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Aww this is so lovely 🙂