Can anyone ID this fanfic?

I was doing a search for Two-era fics and I came across this blurb from some Korean site that analyzes how popular different webpages/sites are (don’t ask how this happened…it’s interesting what Google finds sometimes, lol):

“The young Scotsman turned about, gaze
sweeping over the cascading golden fields. A gentle wind sifted between
the strands of wheat, at the same time lifting Jamie’s fringe from his
brow. Appraising his surroundings, the boy smiled brightly. He nodded
his approval. Grinning, the Doctor stepped up behind Jamie, snaking his
arms around the younger man’s waist. “See, what did I tell you? Jamie
let out a breath of laughter, leaning back against the Time Lord. He
closed his eyes, the sun beaming down again…”

According to the site it’s supposedly from the Second-Doctor page at DeviantArt, but I can’t seem to find anything like that over there. I have searched and searched…for the life of me I cannot find this but I would love to read more of it. If anyone can find this for me I will give you my Two and Jamie clones (okay maybe not, lol… but I’ll post a huge picspam for you). Thanks in advance!