I’d like to give the Classic Doctor Who community a massive thumbs up.

You seeI recently realized how much less critical we are even to our most hated characters.

When I came into the Classic who fandom a few years ago I was told that Adric deserved to die, Tegan is horrible, Peri is the bitchiest bitch on Earth and you will NEVER love Dodo because who wants such a useless handful of immaturity and screams?

I was actively scared away from several companions and seasons of Classic Who which, in the end, turned out be some of my favourites.

Nowadays, I don’t really see that kind of hate anymore. I see us more involved fans welcoming the young ones and giving tips for how to start, but not trying to steer them away from what we personally don’t like.

And tbh, the fandom deserves a thumbs up for that!

I started my Classic Who blog a year ago last March and I have to say everyone I’ve met in this fandom (at least here) has been really awesome. I’ve been involved in my share of online fandoms and some of them have been pretty crazy *cough*understatement*cough*. Classic Who has been so laid-back and chill.

Massive thumbs up from me too! Love you all!