Key of Time Audio commentary, aka Mary Tamm & Tom Baker shipping themselves

What you will see here, is extracts from the audio commentary to The Key to Timme with Tom Baker and Mary Tamm. It is ALL quoted directly from what they are saying.

(From somewhere half-way through the Ribos Operation)

Mary: Didn’t you propose to me at one point?

Tom: Did I?

Mary: He proposes to them all

(The Beginning of the Androids of Tara, zoom in on Romana)

Tom: You are very beautiful.

Mary: Thank you darling

Tom: I wanted to marry you. Still do, quarter of a century later. *laughs*

Mary: *laugh delightedly*

(At the end of part 1 of the same serial, Android Romana/Strella comes walking in to the courtroom)

Tom *gasp* : Oh Darling you are beautiful

Mary: Oh thank you darling

*squelchy sound of someone givinng someone a kiss*

Mary: Oh mmm *delighted noise*

Tom & Mary, forever our never to be OTP

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Aww! Loved those two 🙂