The War Games DVD Commentary

I recently listened to the commentary track on the DVD set for The
War Games (yes, for all 10 episodes, lol). Just wanted to share some
awesome random bits I remember from it. It was a very interesting and
amusing commentary – you could tell they all had a ball doing it. What I
would have given to have watched it with them (and you really feel like
you are as you listen to the track while watching).

Of course in
Episode 1 there are some laughs when Jamie first steps out of the TARDIS
and into the mud. Frazer said his girlfriend had come along to watch
them film that day, but ended up cutting her foot open on some broken
glass (? I think) found on that rubbish tip. He then commented on what a
thick head of hair he had there. Someone had asked about his haircut (I
think it was Jane Sherwin who played Lady Jennifer) if that was popular
then and he said yes, because of the Beatles. He later said something
about all of them (himself, Patrick and Wendy) having the floppy hair
and that traveling in the TARDIS must give you that.

They all had
some laughs over way the Security Chief said his lines, Frazer and Wendy
in particular were imitating him a lot… was pretty funny. Wendy said
she was rather fond of James Bree who played him though, since they had
worked together before.

In Episode 4 during the part where Jamie leaves the barn and is running outside looking for Lady Jennifer, he’s standing on top of a small hill/mound of grass calling out for her and Frazer says something like “there I am, like always, standing on top of something trying to appear taller.”

I remember Frazer asking Graham Weston
(who played Russell) if the sideburns he had there were real. Graham
didn’t seem to think so but Frazer seemed to swear he thought they were. He also marveled over the War Chief’s cool facial hair.

moment in Episode 8 when the Doctor and the War Chief are alone
talking. The War Chief says in a rather coy/camp way “You may have
changed your appearance, but I know who you are.” Frazer replies “My
wife” … lol. Wendy did a good impression of the Doctor’s later reply to the War Chief: “We most certainly are NOT!”

Also in Episode 8, at the
moment where Zoe is asleep at the chateau with her head on the desk and
Jamie places the coat over her shoulders, a few of them go “awwww” and
Frazer says something to the effect of
Jamie liked Zoe but she didn’t seem to like him. And then some big
laughs from all of them when Jamie comes staggering into the room
dressed in that uniform. They also mentioned the guy who played the Russian/Crimean (?) guy and his big furry hat. Frazer said that during the read-through or the rehearsals they’d look at him and start corpsing.

Philip Madoc who played the War Lord sat
in for some episodes and talked about how he enjoyed playing the
character and his delivery.

In Episode 10 of course (and at
other times of course) Frazer and Wendy would talk about how they
enjoyed working with Patrick. During the scene where Jamie and Zoe wave
goodbye to the Doctor and go off into the SIDRAT, the two of them said
as soon as they got in they popped champagne and celebrated (lol…
sure, guys). And then during the scene where the Doctor sees Jamie back
at Culloden, Frazer said there he is in Emmerdale now.

Those were the bits that stuck out to me the most. It was a very entertaining commentary, one that I’d definitely listen to over and over again.