Fanfiction Master Post

I know I’d mentioned before that I write fanfiction, but I thought I’d include a master list of it in case anyone was interested in reading it.


Something I Said : Zoe unintentionally offends Jamie and tries to make amends. (2nd Doctor, Jamie and Zoe)

Up to Snow Good : The TARDIS lands in a snowy wonderland. A snowball fight ensues and Jamie learns another thing or two about dressing for the weather. (2nd Doctor, Jamie and Zoe)

Home for Christmas : It’s Zoe’s first Christmas on the TARDIS and she’s not all that happy about it. The Doctor and Jamie try to make her feel more “at home.” (2nd Doctor, Jamie and Zoe)

Starting Over : Not long after she’s first come aboard the TARDIS, Zoe has become frustrated by Jamie’s treatment of her. After a confrontation that turns a bit more emotional than either of them expected, they manage to find common ground. Takes place between The Wheel in Space and The Dominators. (2nd Doctor, Jamie and Zoe)

Father’s Day : On Father’s Day, the Doctor thinks about the meaning of the holiday, remembering times spent with his former companions and cherishing those with his current ones. Takes place sometime before The War Games. (2nd Doctor, Jamie and Zoe)

Easier With Time : Shortly after her father’s death, Victoria prepares for another bad, sleepless night on the TARDIS. Things end up not as badly as she was expecting. Takes place between The Evil of the Daleks and The Tomb of the Cybermen. (2nd Doctor, Jamie and Victoria)


You Can’t Go Home Again (Or Can You?) : After losing Clara, the Doctor is crushed and the TARDIS wants to help. He is reunited with some old friends, but as the saying goes, “You can’t go home again.” … Right? Prequel to the Time With A Twist of Tartan series. (12th Doctor, Jamie and Zoe)


Time With A Twist of Tartan : Jamie had been inadvertently dropped off in late twentieth-century London by the 12th Doctor. This series follows his adventures with some familiar faces as well as some new ones. Directly follows “You Can’t Go Home Again (Or Can You?)” (Jamie, Ben, Polly, Victoria, Zoe, 3rd Doctor, UNIT, 4th Doctor, Sarah Jane, Harry, 5th Doctor, Adric, Tegan, Nyssa, Original Female Characters, Original Male Characters)

  1. Waylaid In London : With the 12th Doctor’s help, Jamie inadvertently ended up in 1970s London instead of reuniting with his family in 1700s Paris. While there, he stumbles upon some familiar faces as well as meets some new ones … And manages to find trouble while he’s at it.
  2. Of Castles and Hairy Beasties : Much to UNIT’s relief, things have been relatively quiet lately. That is, until the Doctor reads about strange goings-on at a castle in Scotland. While touring this castle, Jamie comes face-to-face with an old foe and things get very personal as someone close to him becomes threatened.
  3. Just Like Old Times : A disaster perpetrated by a renegade Time Lord finds the Doctor being forced to work with his past selves to resolve it. This Time Lord has not only placed his very existence in jeopardy, but also Time itself. The Doctors may be a bit in over their heads with this one, but the help of a certain companion surely can’t hurt. Takes place during (and is a slight reworking of) The Three Doctors.
  4. The Lair of Grom : Not only has Jamie had to adjust to the Doctor’s new face, but his honeymoon has been interrupted and he’s left with a discontented bride … who, along with Sarah Jane, has now gone missing. Set not long after The Ark in Space story arc.
  5. Reunion : In the years since the Grom situation, Jamie has settled down with a family of his own and has been working with UNIT on a barely occasional basis. However, he soon finds himself thrown back into the world of the Doctor, thanks to a surprise visit from an old friend who brings a dire warning. Takes place soon after Castrovalva.

The heights of every classic Doctor and companion that I could locate (Some are missing, sorry), in Imperial measurements


1st Doctor: 5′8″

Barbara: 5′7″-5′9″

Ian: 6′0″

Susan: 5′1″

Vicki: 5′2″

Steven: 5′11″-6′1″

Sara Kingdom: 5′6″

Polly: 5′6″

2nd Doctor: 5′8″

Jamie: 5′6″-5′8″

Victoria: 4′11″

Zoe: 5′0″

3rd Doctor: 6′2″

Liz: 5′5″

The Brig: 6′1″

Yates: 6′0″

Benton: 6′2″

Jo: 5′1″

Sarah Jane: 5′4″

4th Doctor: 6′3″

Harry: 6′0″-6′2″

Leela: 5′6″

K9: 2′3″ (I’m sorry but I had to 😀 Took this measurement from a life-size cutout of K9 on Amazon!)

Romana I: 5′5″

Romana II: 5′5″

Adric: 5′5″

Tegan: 5′2″

5th Doctor: 6′1″

Nyssa: 5′0″-5′1″

Turlough: 5′9″

Peri: 5′3″

6th Doctor: 6′0″

Mel: 5′1″

7th Doctor: 5′6″

Ace: 5′3″

So what did we learn today? Apparently both Romanas are the same height (I thought Romana I would be taller by a long shot), and Ace and Peri are the same height (I somehow imagined Peri to be significantly taller…) Also, Victoria is far far far smaller than I had ever envisioned.

I kind of envisioned Peri being a bit taller too… I know you don’t have Ben but I think he was around 5′9″ or so? He appeared to be slightly taller than Jamie.

Thanks for putting this all together!