I like how in this one Second Doctor serial, The Enemy of the World, the costuming department had the companion Victoria (normally garbed in a sedated Victorian gown or contemporary 1963 style) dress in a version of one of Jaime’s previous outfits (Jaime being a 18th century Scottish highlander, because a time traveler doesn’t have to exclusively hang out with modern British people, looking at you NewWho).

It’s not remarked upon but it’s very cute  (Jaime and Victoria are basically the cutest).

And overall, I’m glad this serial survived in full because it’s got some awesome costume choices.

They’re going for this fun blend of space age super spy flavor a la the Saint and the Avengers and early 19th century Latin American caudillos; The main antagonist is a world-conquering, earthquake-generating Mexican mastermind who, for some unexplained reason, perfectly resembles the Doctor (which is something that keeps happening). Salamander (yes, that’s his actual name) seems like he was vaguely influenced by figures like López de Santa Anna, and Iturbide, but mostly on Dr. Francia of Paraguay, the genius dictator whose study of astronomy, astrology, and the arcane lead some to view him as a wizard – Salamander is even called a brujo in one important scene. Pretty interesting influence that you don’t really see often in British culture.

It’s worth checking out, if you’re into this kind of thing. The story is pretty unique for the series – no alien influence, apart from the Doctor – and out-James-Bonds even the Third Doctor era, which is pretty hard considering that Jon Pertwee was basically James Bond irl. And it looks so much better than the rest of the show for some reason (apart from the shaky Part 3).

^^ Agreed, I do like this serial very much (and yes, Jamie and Victoria are so cute!)

The Enemy of the World Special Edition DVD

This article is a few months old now so I assume most people probably know about this.

From all I‘ve read it appears to only have a Region 2 release. No word whatsoever on any other regions so I guess they’ve got no plans for them. 😦

I suppose I shouldn’t complain. I’ve got the first DVD release of this one so that’s something. But it’s got no extras at all and I’m really curious about all the extras on this new release, plus it sounds as if they’re done a great job restoring the picture. *sigh* If anyone wants to start a petition for Region 1 and Region 4 etc release, I’ll happily sign on.

(and no it’s not really feasible for me to get a multi-region DVD player at this time)