Jamie: Now, this is no’ funny. I know I had that sporran lyin’ around here somewhere…

Ben: *walks away nonchalantly, trying not to laugh*

(Yeah I know he didn’t start wearing it till The Web of Fear… but who knows, maybe they hid it from him constantly and he didn’t actually find it until then…)

I was recently watching The Moonbase and listening to the DVD commentary with Anneke Wills and Frazer Hines.

There was a point where The Macra Terror was brought up and they were
asked if there’s anything noteworthy we’re missing out on with that
story being missing.

Frazer said there was a point where he was wearing a pair of orange shorts as Jamie while Polly was sewing him a new kilt so he wouldn’t have to bother with the whole tartan-over-the-shoulder ensemble.

I’m not sure whether he was just joking or if there’s some truth to this (as in it could have been a cut scene?). He’d mentioned it before in an interview with Dr Who Magazine back in 1984 during the filming of The Two Doctors.

Jamie McCrimmon Hair Appreciation, Part 1

(sorry, I had to do it… XD)

Here we see Jamie going from cute, long-haired ruffian to boy with more of a Beatles-like Mop Top (and it will become even more like that later on). I saw someone on DeviantArt theorize that Polly had given him a makeover at some point…hey, anything’s possible, I guess 😀

More to come!

(all pics are either my own screencaps or from here)

The TARDIS Fashion Show: Jamie McCrimmon (Part 1)

Here we’ve got the complete Highlander outfit, the tight wetsuit, emergence of the turtleneck sweater, showing off some arm’age (is this the only time in the series where we see Jamie’s biceps??) and dressed for The Highland Fling.

(and I know that first pic from the Moonbase isn’t necessarily clothes but I’m including it… because reasons…)