I’m probably the last one to realize this…. But the shirt Frazer wears in the Dr. Who 10th Anniversary photoshoot looks like same one he wore in The Space Pirates and The War Games. You can really tell if you’re looking at the first pic full-sized.

Wonder if he’d kept that shirt after he left like he did the black Jacobite shirt from The Seeds of Death.

Jamie McCrimmon Hair Appreciation, Part 3

I know I posted quite a few from The Seeds of Death… couldn’t be helped… his hair is so awesome in this serial. He also appeared to be growing some sideburns, which you can really see in The Space Pirates.

Will finish up tomorrow with The War Games (and maybe some others tacked on?). All pics posted here are my own screencaps, feel free to take and use if you like.

The TARDIS Fashion Show: Jamie McCrimmon (Part 4)

(Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3)

It’s the awesome black lace-up Jacobite sweater! Honestly, it’s one of my favorites. The beige dress shirt with buttons down the front from The Space Pirates is pretty nice, too. He wears it again in The War Games, just with a black jacket over it most of the time. He also wears a WWI uniform with a Great Coat for a little bit and we come back full circle with his full Highland regalia at the very end (as seen in The Highlanders).

As a bonus I included the new outfit with the frilly white shirt and black jacket from The Five Doctors and part of The Two Doctors.

So, that’s it for the Jamie edition of TARDIS Fashion Show! Which Jamie outfit(s) do you like best?