Just Like Old Times – Chapter 1 – jessm78 – Doctor Who (1963) [Archive of Our Own]

I just started my new fic!

A disaster perpetrated by a renegade Time Lord finds the Doctor being
forced to work with his past selves to resolve it. This Time Lord has
not only placed his very existence in jeopardy, but also Time itself.
The Doctors may be a bit in over their heads with this one, but the help
of a certain companion surely can’t hurt. Takes place during (and is a
slight reworking of) The Three Doctors. Third story in the Time With a
Twist of Tartan

Not much up yet – just the prologue – but I should have the first chapter up soon. Hope you like. 🙂

Just Like Old Times – Chapter 1 – jessm78 – Doctor Who (1963) [Archive of Our Own]

The Three Doctors Episode 4 Screencaps, Part 10

Fun Fact: Jamie was originally supposed to appear with Two in this adventure, with some sort of love interest developing between him and Jo. Frazer Hines couldn’t commit as he was busy with Emmerdale Farm at the time, so they reduced his role more and more…and when it turned out he couldn’t do it at all, they ended up expanding Sergeant Benton’s role in the story.