Some of our favorite moments from the Classic Doctor Who serial The Underwater Menace. Tune in next week to The Watch-A-Thon of Rassilon and listen to us talk about them.

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Some random pics from The Underwater Menace. The last three were from an inn the cast had visited while they were filming on location the beginning and ending scenes of the serial.

04nbod said:                                            
                               Do you have the one of Anneke in a
higher resolution? Its from the War Machines photo shoot but I’ve never
seen it before          

Hi! I wish I could say that I did, but that’s the only one I’ve seen. There are some more from that photoshoot here, but I don’t see that particular one. There’s one of her and Michael that’s similar to it, but there’s a huge shadow over both of their faces.  I’ll keep looking, though!                 

Jamie McCrimmon Hair Appreciation, Part 1

(sorry, I had to do it… XD)

Here we see Jamie going from cute, long-haired ruffian to boy with more of a Beatles-like Mop Top (and it will become even more like that later on). I saw someone on DeviantArt theorize that Polly had given him a makeover at some point…hey, anything’s possible, I guess 😀

More to come!

(all pics are either my own screencaps or from here)

The TARDIS Fashion Show: Jamie McCrimmon (Part 1)

Here we’ve got the complete Highlander outfit, the tight wetsuit, emergence of the turtleneck sweater, showing off some arm’age (is this the only time in the series where we see Jamie’s biceps??) and dressed for The Highland Fling.

(and I know that first pic from the Moonbase isn’t necessarily clothes but I’m including it… because reasons…)