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When you and the squad are absolutely pissed and are trying to find the meaning of life through a chair

Ian: Ugghhh…. been hours now and I still… can’t get it….

Doctor: Now, just a minute, dear boy, I believe I have found it hiding in this tiny little crevice just over ….. there.


Caption This!

  • joyandotherstories
  • The first rehearsal for Steven’s Musical Pirates Singalong took an unfortunate turn when the Doctor refused to consider growing a beard.

    LOL, I can just see this…

    Doctor: My dear boy, one of us already had a beard. I do not see the significance of this.

    Steven: But you don’t understand, it doesn’t work if you don’t have a…..

    Doctor: *gets into a staring contest with him*


    “How many times do we have to teach you this lesson, old man!?   

    Doctor: “Old man”?! Well, I never!! HMPH!

    Vicki: Sorry Doctor, but you are proving his point…


    Steven and Dr. Who are arguing over whether it’s called a cookie or a biscuit

    Ian: May I just jump in here? It’s actually not a cookie or a biscuit…it’s a Fig Newton….