The Time Monster


(Series 9, Episodes 21-26)

Summary: The Master rides in on his hovercraft and now he’s craving control over time itself, with the help of the Ancient Greeks.  He engages in a disturbing seduction of the Queen of Atlantis, whilst Jo shows some cleavage and Hippias shows a lot of thigh.  The Doctor gets all existential and merciful in his attempt to stop the Master but suffers an odd bout of Atlantis-related amnesia.  The Brigadier displays a touching concern for Yates, Dr Ingram’s trying to be a feminist but she hasn’t read the manual and Sergeant Benton becomes the butt of everyone’s joke.  Quite literally.

Watch it because:  Science!  With clipboards and labcoats and wires and tea cups!  Must have been fun making the props for this one…

Original Air Date: 20 May – 24 June 1972.

Doctor: Jon Pertwee.

Companions: Jo Grant (Katy Manning).

Writer: Robert Sloman.

Director: Paul Bernard.

Producer: Barry Letts.