The Curse of Peladon


(Series 9, Episodes 5-8)

Summary: The Time Lords whisk the Doctor and Jo off to Peladon, to represent Earth at a conference on the admission of Peladon to the Galactic Federation.  Other delegates include two reformed Ice Warriors, the suspiciously Dalekian Arcturus and Alpha Centauri, who appears to have wandered in from a bad Cbeebies show.  King Peladon channels David Bowie, or, as Jo puts it, a wet fish, the Doctor practices his Venusian lullabies and Jo refuses to take anything lying down.  Oh, and apparently the Ice Warriors really dig bling-tastic travelling cases.

Watch it because: Plucky Princess Josephine.

Original Air Date: 29 January – 19 February 1972.

Doctor: Jon Pertwee.

Companions: Jo Grant (Katy Manning).

Writer: Brian Hayles.

Director: Lennie Mayne.

Producer: Barry Letts.

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