The blog is staying, BUT…

Over the past few days I’ve been thinking hard about this blog and how Tumblr has been singling out my photo posts to be flagged for “adult content.” I’ve appealed and most of my posts have been reinstated, but one is still stuck in “review” for more than a day.

I’ve been reading about what apparently triggers them to flag posts and one of them is photo posts with lots of pics, even if they are completely innocent (some interesting info about that here). Since I make a lot of these, at least 2 per day going in order the various serials, I’ve decided what might work best…

I’ll still make photo posts from the episodes here with maybe 2 photos at most (supposedly you can get away with this, but multiple photos are more likely to get the posts flagged). But I also think it’s a good idea to back up this blog to WordPress and I can make more extensive episode screencap posts over there. I don’t foresee them deleting this blog but I’d rather be safe than sorry.

I’ll also continue the “Caption This!” posts here as they don’t seem to get singled out either. I’d just like to have an alternative until this flagging madness dies down a little.

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